Weddings and Engagement Photography!!

Jessa Halterman Wedding
Collins/Davis Wedding Photography

I have had the honor of working with quite a few couples as a wedding photographer, and many of the memories stick with me.


I remember Jessa and Charlie’s wedding (pictured above) as Jessa is one of my oldest and dearest friends.  The wedding was so beautiful at the Historic Fowler House off of 9th Street, and the weather couldn’t have cooperated better.  It was sunny and not too hot.  Jessa was mesmerizing in her white dress, Charlie didn’t look half bad in his tux either.


Then there was Kevin and Nicole’s wedding.  It was a simple courthouse wedding, but it was still one to remember.  With all the nieces and nephews running around, and the family all there it was quite fun.


Yet another was Krista and Tanner (pictured below) , a courthouse wedding the same as Nicole and Kevin, but a totally different vibe.

Krista and Tanner's Wedding Photography

(Above) The Collins/Davis  wedding was another one I had the honor of working.  I remember the room in the venue getting kinda hot that day, and that all the groom’s men had Dragonballs with them, all the bride’s maids got photographed reading Harry Potter Books.  I loved how cute and geeky that couple was, it was just a good time all around.


I also got very lucky in doing my friends Tim and Nina’s wedding.  It was at the wonderful venue of McGraw’s where it was river side.  Nina looked amazing in her dress, and Tim looked more dapper then I’d ever seen.  There was this great moment as Nina was coming down the aisle where Tim reached out to take her hand, and I was just lucky enough to capture it.  It was such a touching moment. (below)


I bring all this up at this time, because frankly, as a small business the COVID 19 has hit me hard.  I didn’t get to do many weddings this year, or much photography in general.  I love what I do, and I would love it if you would give me the chance to do your wedding or engagement photography.  I am now taking bookings for the rest of 2020, all of 2021, and even beyond.


So if you like what you see, please go to the Book Now link to book your Engagement Photography Session, or call me to talk about your wedding, 765-337-3925, I even have the Contact page up on the site so you can do it via email if you prefer.


As always, I look forward to hearing from you.